Float Therapy

Float Therapy: What benefits could I get from floating ?

Many people who suffer from anxiety are repeat customers at float centers. Even post-war PTSD sufferers report sometimes dramatic improvement from isolation in the tanks. Here’s a great article about that from Time.com.

What’s interesting also is that time spent floating (float therapy) also helps people discover meditation. Many of us say things like, ‘I really need to learn how to meditate’ or ‘I tried meditation, it just didn’t work for me.’ Quietness of mind, being more refreshed and upbeat. We’ve all heard of the benefits of meditation, but a lot of us see it as out of reach.

Today there are hundreds of floatation centers across the United States. Katrena Avent who quit her career as a nurse to open a Ascend Float Spa a flotation center outside Buffalo New York explains her perspective, “It practically forces you to meditate. There’s nothing else that puts people in an environment where the only thing they can do is mentally travel, decompress and re-order things in their lives. I’ve seen hundreds of people after they float and none of them are the same as they came in. Most people behave more slowly, carefully and deliberately. A few seem a bit confused – like they just learned something that’s contrary to their lifelong understandings.”

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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