Float Spa

More calm, better mood, less stress and pain levels all in in an hour?

Ok, so let’s be real. Not everyone gets every claimed benefit from floating. If half of the benefits your read about floating are true, it might be worth an hour of your time. Sessions typically cost between $50 and $80.

Expect to rinse off before stepping in and a good shower when you’re done. Some centers have several float experiences to choose from. You may find you like the ‘coziness’ of a float pod or the openness of a custom Wave Room. You may find that you like your water a little warmer or a little cooler. Once you find what works, we recommend trying it at least four times. Typically, two or four times per month. For more information on sensory deprivation tank therapy contact Ascend Float Spa in Clarence New York at 716-331-1900 or www.AscendfFloatSpa.com

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Book a float and receive a discount off your first float in a sensory deprivation tank.